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Notice: For the May 2015 WLCC Newsletter Click here.

Notice: The Annual General Meeting of the Williams Lake Conservation Company will be held at 7:30 on Wednesday, June 10th at the Captain Spry Centre, 10 Kidston Rd, Spryfield. The AGM is also an opportunity for us to review the year's activities and for you to bring forward your concerns and observations. Everyone is welcome.

Notice: The WLCC executive has been contacted by many members about recent salting of roads near Williams Lake, a practice that has been banned for over 20 years to protect Williams Lake from damaging road salt run-off. We contacted our local councillor who referred us on to Richard MacLellan, Manager of HRM Energy & Environment. His response was that salting on our streets had been resumed because “the former practice of applying sanding in some limited areas had a negligible impact on the receiving waters considering all of the watershed feeding the lakes, cost more and presented public safety risks”. He also wrote “the current method of de-icing is the optimal environmental, economic, and public safety solution for Halifax”.

The WLCC executive is deeply disturbed that such a change in practice, with potentially serious negative consequences for the health of the lake, appears to have been made with no public notice or consultation. We have requested a meeting with Mr. MacLellan to discuss this change in policy. We plan to provide him with relevant data that supports the need for continued protection of Williams Lake. We will provide an update after the meeting but in the meantime, you can contact your local councillor if you are concerned about this change of practice. This is an HRM-wide change in policy and other salt-vulnerable areas are also affected.

Notice: The WLCC recently commissioned a study of plant communities found in the Williams Lake Backlands. To see the study summary or a complete copy of the study Click here.

Notice: Great news: at the HRM Committee of the Whole meeting held on May 20th, Council voted down the zoning change amendment for the Backlands. This means the Urban Reserve designation for the Backlands will be maintained and the Backlands are safe from development for the time being.

Additional good news: at the request of three developers who have substantial landholdings in the Backlands (Clayton, Battery Hill and Bess Developments), Councillor Adams put forth an additional motion to work with Staff, the community and other stakeholders to consider bringing some or all of the Backlands under public ownership. The WLCC is delighted with this positive move towards long-term protection of the watershed.

For more information on these issues visit the Backlands Coalition FaceBook Page.

Notice: To see a summary of the Purcell’s Cove Backlands/Williams Lake Watershed Bird Study carried out by Fulton Lavender, commissioned by the WLCC. Click here for more details.

Notice: The Williams Lake Conservation Company has become a member of the Backlands Coalition which was officially launched on Feb. 21. The inaugural meeting of the Backlands Coalition will be on March 23 at the Captain Spry Center, 16 Sussex Street, Rm 3, 1:30 p.m. For more information check them out on Facebook under “Purcell's Cove Backlands” (to be changed shortly to the Backlands Coalition) or on their website www.backlandscoalition.ca.

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The WLCC welcomes everyone who shares the WLCC's mandate to preserve the health of Williams Lake. The Board needs your input and new members. Please contact any member of the board if you would like to become involved.

The Williams Lake Conservation Company is a volunteer, non-profit community organization that was established in 1968.

The WLCC was founded in order to promote the health of Williams Lake and its watershed for the benefit of all. Everyone who shares this objective is welcome as a member. Some members live close to the lake but many do not. Current annual dues are $20. per household per year.

Some current activities that the WLCC is involved with:

  • protecting public access to swimming areas on Williams Lake
  • consultation with developers and monitoring their activities to reduce impacts of planned developments on the Williams Lake/Colpitt Lake watershed
  • investigation of land ownership in the Williams Lake watershed
  • regular lab testing of the water in Colpitt Lake and Williams Lake for health and swimming safety
  • monitoring and long-term analysis of Williams Lake water levels
  • investigation of the most appropriate options for maintenance of the dam at the southeast end of Williams Lake (Lawson's Creek)
  • continuing to inform the public of issues concerning Williams Lake and its watershed by means of newsletters and bulletins distributed to members, all area residents and the media
  • providing a forum for people's concerns about the lake and its watershed.